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Chiropractic Services

Wild Rivers Chiropractic is dedicated to providing you with the natural, safe care your body deserves. Whether you’re experiencing chronic neck discomfort after an accident, sharp shoulder pain from sports, or dull lower backaches due to your new working-from-home station, we can help. 


Our Rice Lake chiropractic office is experienced, working with all types of people suffering from all kinds of pain. If you’re ready to end that pain, we’d like to help make it happen. Our comprehensive chiropractic solutions offer a holistic approach to your health and wellness goals. Let’s start getting your body working at its peak.

Other reasons include:


  • Athletic injury

  • Poor ergonomics

  • Working at a computer all-day

  • Work-related injury 

  • Sitting all-day

  • Poor moving or lifting practices 

  • Lifting heavy items incorrectly 

  • Abrupt movements or pulling of the body


We can employ a number of safe, non-invasive solutions to support your goals of a healthy spine. Not only will our team provide you with chiropractic care through the hands-on approach of finding restricted segments of the spine and adjusting them, but we will educate you on how to care for your spine proactively. Dr. DeSantis offers his patients reliable resources that cultivate a stable relationship between the patient and the patient’s body. 


Understanding that the current working environment is unconventional, we think it’s important to educate those who are now working remotely on some beneficial, natural healthcare practices. We’d like the opportunity to work with you on getting and maintaining proper alignment, which will make a massive difference in your comfort level and support the higher overall function of body and mind.  


When your spine is working in its natural, most reliable state, it can maximize the body’s performance. Chiropractic care for your back pain is responsible and effective. If you can avoid unsafe surgery or medication, that’s a win for you and your health. 

What to Expect On Your First Visit

Your initial visit to Wild Rivers Chiropractic will set the stage for your wellness needs. We’ll ask you some detailed questions about your medical history, lifestyle, and current ailments. 


Dr. DeSantis will then perform an exam that will give him the information he needs to put together the most effective and efficient plan of action. 


We ensure your comfort level and confidence at all times, inviting open communication throughout your journey to a balanced, fully functioning body. 


Our team will go over the cause of your pain and detail specific movements to avoid, stretches and exercises you can do at home to help in your recovery, and how to support your body better going forward.


We are here to help you in every way we can. We hope to keep you from medications and surgery that have the potential to cause their own harm. We’re a safe, affordable (accepting most insurances), non-intrusive way of getting your body back.

Why You Should Visit Our Rice Lake Chiropractic Office 


Dr. DeSantis has the knowledge and experience to support your wellness goals naturally. He does not believe in masking pain but finding the cause of it. Our office offers a variety of chiropractic techniques that will benefit the body, mind, and soul. 


If you’re experiencing any of the following, we encourage you to come to see us, no matter the level of severity:



We can effectively and safely remedy several pains at the root with our reliable approaches to your body’s needs. 


Our Common Chiropractic Services 

For those who have never visited a chiropractor, you may think that your body is harmed through an improper movement, a spasmodic jerk, perhaps through a sports injury or a car accident. But that’s not always the case. 


We are regularly using our muscles and joints, and frequently, we’re not using them correctly. 


For instance, we often carry our large bags, toddlers, or physically-demanding work-related materials on only one side of our body- the dominant side. Athletes overuse specific muscle groups regularly. Office employees sit with improper posture daily. You get the idea.


Not all of these things will create immediate, sharp pain; however, when done over a period of time, your body is thrown off balance. Muscles need to overcompensate for areas that aren’t being supported as they should. Pressure is put on ligaments and joints that are not meant to hold that pressure. Spinal alignment is pushed out of place. These things will all eventually show themselves as pain. 


Dr. DeSantis will get the muscles, ligaments, and joints working together as they should through his chiropractic care solutions. Once they start talking to each other as they were meant to, your body will find its balance again, and your pain will dissipate. 


Chiropractic Adjustments

Sometimes called spinal manipulation, our adjustments apply manual pressure to the joint that’s causing you pain with a quick, controlled thrust. These adjustments often immediately provide pain relief in the back, neck, and shoulders and quickly restore range of motion. 


Dr. DeSantis may determine that a chiropractic adjustment is necessary on other body parts, such as your hands, ankles, or other extremities. 


The McKenzie Method

This therapy is designed to nurture the relationship between the patient and the patient’s body so independent care can take the place of dozens of doctor visits. This method also leads to proactive care to avoid future body harm. 


Patients who receive this solution will learn how to best support the cause of their symptoms and rid themselves of pain or discomfort. Often, we discuss mobility and movement patterns, as well as posture. Education is key to a happy, functioning body. 


Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care  

Our Rice Lake chiropractic office offers evidence-based care to each patient. This means that we will get a full grasp on every patient’s individual needs and preferences to best support them through treatments they approve. Our patient’s care and well-being will always be at the forefront of our treatment plans. 


Therapeutic Exercises and Stretches

Whenever possible and safe, we will put together a program the patient can take home that offers realistic exercises and stretches. Dr. DeSantis has found that when combining these therapies with his chiropractic services in the office, the patient sees quicker, more effective results. 


Patients will never be asked to do more than they are capable of or committed to. 


Massage Therapy

Massage is a great way to loosen and relax stubborn muscles. When the muscles are more pliable, Dr. DeSantis can better manipulate the joints and bones, allowing for a more successful and efficient solution plan. 


Kinesio Taping Therapy (KT)

This method is used to relieve pain in muscles, joints, and ligaments quickly. The tape will add support to the damaged area, reduce swelling, and increase range of motion and proper mobility. 


In addition to these chiropractic manipulations and rehabilitation exercises, our chiropractic office offers: 


  • Exercising modifications and new programs to support your body’s capabilities 

  • Proper sleeping positions

  • Stretches

  • Mobility exercises

  • Postural exercises

  • Strength exercises

  • Desk and driving ergonomics

We want to see our patients fully mobile, pain-free, and living their best life. Discomfort and an unbalanced body have no place in that scenario. Let us enhance your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing using our natural, safe, non-invasive chiropractic solutions.


Dr. DeSantis will provide you with a health plan that fits into your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. The goal is to get your body balanced as efficiently as we can. We are wholly committed to you and your well-being. Let’s get your body on track. Call us today to start.

"Love that Dr. Jake takes the time to get to know his patients and dedicates the whole appointment time to the patient! Definitely recommend!! - Sami // Birchwood, WI

"Dr. DeSantis takes the time to assess your condition and uses a variety of methods to treat what ails you.  I am happy to have found a chiropractor that cares about tailoring the treatment to your current health status, so you are always feeling top-notch no matter what life throws at you!" - Janice // Rice Lake, WI

"I was nervous when Dr. Hover retired. I saw him for nearly 30 years. Dr. Desantis made me very comfortable, and I felt I could trust him. He was wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Desantis!" - Jodi // Rice Lake, WI

"Veterans, Veterans, Veterans! Dr. Desantis is setup with the VA as a provider. See your VA provider for a referral for Chiropractic Care, request Wild Rivers Chiropractic, Dr. Jake Desantis. Dr. Jake is doing a great job, with excellent on time care. I’ve had several back injuries and surgeries and have probably seen a dozen different chiropractors over the last 40 years and Dr. Jake gives me the relief I need." -  Dave // Cameron,WI

"I have never been to a Chiropractor before, but after seeing Jake at Wild Rivers Chiropractic, I'll never go to a different one. Jake was very thorough in his explanation of what he was doing and why. He was also able to set me up with some exercises I can do at home to help my progress without having to continuously go in for appointment after appointment. I highly recommend going to see Jake at Wild Rivers Chiropractic." - Christian // Rice Lake, WI

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Your Wellness Goals Met, Naturally 

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